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Please Remember to NOT leave Valuables at night in Your Cars and to LOCK Your Cars at Night. 

If you experience a break-in, even if nothing has been taken, you should report it to the police. The police officers in Auburn can be reached through the Bay County Sheriff's Office(non-emergency) at (989) 892 - 9551, or you can leave them a message at the Auburn post at (989) 662-6768. (Do NOT call City Hall for an emergency or police matter, as office staff do not have direct access to the police officers). 

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City Commission

City Hall Meeting Room

December 11, 2017, 7 PM

If you have any events you would like to add, please submit them to the City Clerk for review. Email:preinhardt@auburnmi.org

Newsletter Error

It has been brought to our attention that there are errors in the 2018 Waste Management calendar that was distributed in the newsletter. Recycle pickup dates should be every other week. A new calendar can be found HERE and we will distribute it again in the next newsletter. (The first few months are correct).

Snow and Ice Removal

The City of Auburn snow and ice control efforts are intended to make your winter driving experience as safe as possible in order for all of us to access places of employment and emergency services. The success of our community's effort to cope with winter weather events depends on how well government, citizens and news media work together. When it snows, residents are encouraged to listen for media broadcasts announcing special snow clearance plans. Snow plowing operations are put into place when snow accumulation of 2" or more develop. 

Street Parking - Please refrain from parking on City streets whenever snowfall conditions require streets be plowed. Cars parked on the road can cause delays in plowing "your" street. It is a violation of City Ordinance §70.04 to be parked on any City street between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. from Nov. 1 - Apr. 1 regardless of snow conditions.  

Sidewalk Snow - Property owners are responsible for keeping sidewalks clear of snow and ice within 24 hours after a snowfall. Please be a good neighbor and help out those around you who may not be able to clear their own sidewalks and driveways. It is also best practice to clear the areas around your mailbox and any fire hydrants near your home. 

City Ordinance §95.082 prohibits the pushing, dumping or depositing of snow or ice from any privately owned premises into or upon any street or sidewalk in the city.

Mailboxes -  Our City snowplows are able to push a large amount of snow from the center of the roadway to the outside edges of the roadway, which creates a lot of force as the plow is moving down the roadway. This has a tendency to knock mailboxes off their posts and occasionally to snap the posts right off. To help protect your mailbox (for uninterrupted mail delivery) it is recommended to install a mailbox shield. These are usually a wooden wall constructed about 1-2 feet away from the mailbox. In the event your mailbox is knocked down, please call City Hall at 989-662-6761 to report it. 

In order for mail to be delivered, USPS recommends clearing snow from a 30-foot area (15 feet leading up to and 15 feet leading away) from the mailbox.

Neighbors - Please keep your neighbors in mind during the winter season. Starting a snow blower in the early morning hours can be disruptive to your neighbors. Sometimes it is needed to get started early, but clear out just the necessary area until a more reasonable hour. If you are able, it is a great service to your community to help those neighbors that are not able.

Driveways - Snowplowing the streets causes a residual amount of snow to be deposited into every driveway and onto sidewalks. This may occur repeatedly throughout the day depending on the severity of the storm. It is the responsibility of the resident to clear their driveway. The City recommends shoveling or blowing the snow back behind the curbing or asphalt and away from the driveway entrance. This will prevent excessive snow buildup from occurring.

The new Auburn Farmer's Market Pavilion is now under construction. Moltus Building Group has asked us to remind you that this will be an active construction site. You may observe the progress from a safe distance.

This new pavilion will have a space available for the public to rent. At this time there is no information available on occupancy or pricing, therefore reservations will not be entertained at this time. More information will be posted to this webpage as it becomes available.

Festival of Banners 2017

 Banners have been taken down and are available at City Hall. If you designed a banner you will be able 

 to purchase it from the DDA for $25. Please stop into City Hall to pick up banners. 

Thank you very much for helping to beautify Auburn.