Rental Rules & Agreement

No person or organization shall be allowed use of the Auburn City Park Building without first entering into a rental agreement issued by the City of Auburn (subject to rental fees and deposits) under the following guidelines:

Oct - Nov, 2019 – Auburn / Williams Township non-profit groups exclusively have first rights to the city park.  No one else will be permitted to schedule a reservation during this period.

Monday, December 2, 2019 – open to Auburn / Williams Township residents only on a first come, first served basis.

Beginning December 3rd – any person or organization is allowed to reserve the park for any dates that are still available. 

Rental Fees are due by cash or check at the time the reservation is booked. Dates will not be held for inquiries over the phone or by email. Rental Rates are as follow:

Auburn Park Pavilion Auburn Farmers Market (prices per 4 hour time block)

Auburn/Williams Township  -   $125.00 Meeting Room -  $50.00

Out of District/Non Profits    -  $150.00 Kitchen -  $50.00

Corporations                          -  $250.00 1/2 Pavilion -  $75.00

Full Pavilion -  $400.00

See the Rental Agreement for complete rules

Auburn Park Pavilion Rental Agreement

Auburn Farmers Market Rental Agreement


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