Water and Sewer Billing Information

For online payment and ACH setup options go to Utility Payments 

To receive an accurate bill when you move in / move out of a residence in Auburn submit a 

Request for Final Utility Bill.


If you have any questions on your Water/Sewer Bill, please contact Utility Billing at 989-662-6761 Monday - Friday between 8:30 - 4:30 or by email at


Information regarding the transition utility billing:

The City has changed the billing dates so no more Utility Billing at Christmas time. You should expect your bill to be mailed in January, April, July and October.

The one-month bill came out July 1st to enable this conversion. Due to this short billing cycle there will not be a shut-off/reminder notice sent out this month. However, if there is a Previous Balance (PB) listed on your bill you will need to pay that amount by JULY 14th to avoid disconnection of service for delinquent amounts due. 

October 21st was chosen as the due date for this short 1-month billing so that those that expressed interest in a 4-month bill instead of a 1-month bill may choose to still pay as if it were a 4-month bill without the worry of penalties. We are trying to help make this transition as friendly to you as possible.

If you are set up with AutoPay/ACH your payment will be processed for July 19th. If you need to freeze this payment due to the transition timing, please call City Hall at (989) 662-6761 by July 17th. 

We have also received some concerns regarding possible high usage. It may help you to know that although the billing cycle is from 6/1/17 - 6/30/17 the usage is actually from a slightly longer time frame. This is due to the amount of time it takes to actually process the bills from the meter reading to the time we print and mail the bills. For this transition bill the reading dates are from approximately May 9 - June 21, about half of a normal quarterly bill. 

If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact City Hall at (989) 662-6761


113 E Elm St., Auburn MI 48611 989-662-6761




May 26, 2017


City of Auburn

113 East Elm St

Auburn, Ml 48611

Separate sealed BIDS for the construction of (briefly describe nature, scope, and major elements of the work) Construction of a new 90' X 160' pre-engineered metal building structure inclusive of mechanical and electrical trades, will be received by the City of Auburn.

Bids will be received at the office of City Manager until 2:00pm (Standard Time- Daylight Saving Time June 28, 2017 and then at said office publicly open and read aloud.

The CONTRACT DOCUMENTS may be examined at the following locations:

Case Architecture - 282 S. Main Freeland, MI

Central Michigan Survey & Development- Mt. Pleasant, MI

Auburn City Hall - Auburn, MI

Copies of the CONTRACT DOCUMENTS may be obtained at the office of Case Architecture located at (PDF set) upon payment of $0.00 for each set.

Any BIDDER, upon returning the CONTRACT DOCUMENTS promptly and in good condition, will be refunded the payment, and any non-bidder upon so returning the CONTRACT DOCUMENTS will be refunded $0.00.

Copies of the CONTRACT DOCUMENTS may be obtained also by clicking on the links below.

Auburn Park Pavilion Specifications Bid

Auburn Pavilion Architectural and Civil Bid

Auburn Pavilion Electrical Bid

Auburn Pavilion Structural Bid

Auburn Pavilion M&P Bid

The City of Auburn is an equal opportunity employer and provider