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DPW Director

DPW Director: Patrick Stanley
Office: 989-662-7275
Fax:     989-662-0240
Email: pstanley@auburnmi.org 

City Hall
113 E. Elm
Auburn, MI 48611

The DPW Director is responsible for:

Providing 24 hour maintenance on all city streets, water and sewer mains and lift stations.  It is responsible for snow plowing and drainage maintenance. The Department works with City engineering firms and manages the street reconstruction program.

The DPW performs vehicle preventative maintenance on all city owned vehicles, following a periodic schedule. Vehicle repair includes public safety vehicles, and DPW Equipment.

The Building Maintenance program is handled by the DPW, providing the general upkeep of the municipal building, as well as all city owned buildings. 

The Mechanics at the DPW and for their training in the maintenance and repair of both gasoline and Diesel powered equipment.

Water quality is assured by careful monitoring, The staff works in conjunction with the City of Midland and other agencies to insure pure, safe drinking water for the Auburn Residents.



113 E Elm St., Auburn MI 48611 989-662-6761 


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