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Tax Information

Summer taxes are mailed on July 1st and are due by September 14th.
taxes are mailed on December 1st and are due by February 14th. 

As of March 1, 2012 - 2011 Summer/Winter Tax Bills must be paid at the Bay County Treasurers Office.


Summer tax deferment application forms are available under the Form section.  The form requires applicants to verify that they qualify for the deferment.  The form must be completed each year in order to have taxes deferred without penalty. 

The form must be filed by September 15th, please see the forms area on the left hand side of this page for the Application for Deferment of Summer Taxes. 

These are tax deferments NOT exemptions.  If you defer your summer taxes it is wise to keep your bill and remember that summer amounts will not appear on the winter bill.  Summer taxes will go delinquent if you fail to pay them when you pay the winter taxes. 




For questions and concerns regarding tax issues you may contact the City Treasurer’s office at (989) 662-6761 or email the Treasurer's

For Assessing information, please view our Assessors page.


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