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Utility Payment

Water bills may be paid Monday through Friday during regular business hours at City Hall 

or at Chemical Bank 232 W. Midland Road.

Late payments may only be made at City Hall to avoid service disconnection.

A drop box is also located in the parking lot for after hours use.

You now have the ability to view and pay utility & tax bills on-line using credit card or a personal/business checking account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Save yourself time and possible fines and pay online.      

Charges for using this service are generated by Official Payments Corporation which accepts and processes the transactions for the City.  The City does not use taxpayer revenue to pay for an individual’s choice to use this service but requires the individual to pay for their option to use this service. The processing costs will be added to your total payment.

Paying with your Checking Account/ACH automatically with each utility bill is FREE and Easy to set up. Just Click Here to download an application today.

Paying with your Debit card, you will pay a $1.95 fee.

Paying with your Credit card, you will pay a $3.95 fee.

Click Here to proceed to City of Auburn's AccessMyGov.com to view property information and or pay for your water, sewer and property tax



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