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City Administrator

City Administrator: Vacant
Office: 989-662-6761
Fax:     989-662-0240

City Hall
113 E. Elm
Auburn, MI 48611

The City of Auburn operates within a commission-administrator form of government. The city administrator serves as the city's chief administrator. She supervises the implementation of policy and procedures as directed by the city commission through coordination and supervision of operations in all city departments. The city administrator advises the city commission on all matters relating to the planning, development, and operating status of city departments.

The City Administrator is responsible for:

Implementing the policies and laws passed by the city commission.
Making recommendations to the city commission.
Being a liaison between the city commission and city residents.
General oversight and coordination of city departments.
Administering the annual operating budget for the city.


113 E Elm St., Auburn MI 48611 989-662-6761 



The City of Auburn is an equal opportunity employer and provider