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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request to the City of Auburn?

o   Requests to inspect or obtain copies of public records prepared, owned, used, possessed or retained by the City of Auburn must be submitted in writing.

o   A request must sufficiently describe a public record so as to enable the City to find it.

o   No specific form to submit a written request is required. However a FOIA Request form for your use and convenience is available on the City Clerk webpage of this site.

o   Written requests can be made in person by delivery to any City office in person or by mail.

o   Requests can also be made by facsimile by dialing 989-662-0240.

o   A request may also be submitted by e-mail. To ensure a prompt response, e-mail requests should contain the term "FOIA" or "FOIA Request" in the subject line and be sent to the City Clerk.


      Note: If you are serving a sentence of imprisonment in a local, state or federal correctional facility you are not entitled to submit a request for a public record.

For more information regarding FOIA Requests including response times, fees, forms and more, please visit the City Clerk page.

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