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City Treasurer

Judy M. Volk

Email: jmvolk@auburnmi.org

Deputy Treasurer

Stacy Weiss
Email: sweiss@auburnmi.org

City Treasurer’s Office
Office: 989-662-6761
Fax:     989-662-0240

Office Located at:
113 E. Elm
Auburn, MI 48611

Billing for utility services is done on a quarterly basis. 


The City Treasurer performs all treasurer duties required by federal, state and local laws, the City Charter and the City Commission.

Other duties, in part, of the City Treasurer:

Serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the City

Collects real and personal property taxes as warranted by the Assessor and disperses such funds to the appropriate government entities.

Assists the Assessor in maintaining property tax records and verifying parcel information including homestead exemptions and tax deferments.

Invests City funds in Commission approved institutions and instruments to maximize the rate of return as set forth in the City Investment Policy.


113 E Elm St., Auburn MI 48611 989-662-6761


The City of Auburn is an equal opportunity employer and provider