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City Commission

City Hall Meeting Room

December 11, 2017, 7 PM

If you have any events you would like to add, please submit them to the City Clerk for review. Email:preinhardt@auburnmi.org

Festival of Banners 2018

 Festival of Banners is back for the 3rd year! If you still want to purchase your banner from 2017 they will be available at City Hall for $25. To be included in the 2018 contest please submit your design with a completed Entry Form to Auburn City Hall before April 14th. This year's theme is "Patriotism".  

Based on design and theme content, 60 designs will be chosen to be reproduced on banners along Midland Rd. from May thru November. Once the banners come down (at the end of November, beginning of December) they will be available for purchase. All banner submissions will be eligible to be featured on the Auburn website and/or the Auburn Facebook page throughout the year. 

Thank you very much for helping to beautify Auburn. 

Newsletter Error

It has been brought to our attention that there are errors in the 2018 Waste Management calendar that was distributed in the newsletter. Recycle pickup dates should be every other week. A new calendar can be found HERE and we will distribute it again in the next newsletter. (The first few months are correct).


Street Parking - Please refrain from parking on City streets whenever snowfall conditions require streets be plowed. Cars parked on the road can cause delays in plowing "your" street. 

It is a violation of City Ordinance §70.04 to be parked on any City street between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. from Nov. 1 - Apr. 1 regardless of snow conditions.  

Brush Chipping

The City of Auburn's Department of Public Works (DPW) will be chipping brush once a week from early-mid April to mid October, weather permitting. Typically, this service will be performed on Tuesdays, however exceptions may occur in which case it will be delayed 1-2 days. The DPW will also allocate time to chipping brush in the event of tree damage and broken limbs due to extraordinary weather events. 

Brush chipping is a service provided to help clear Auburn City properties of unwanted limbs/debris. Any small debris lying on the ground after pick up is too small and should be properly cleaned up by the homeowner. Any brush left lying in the out lawn for an extended period will be considered a violation of the city's blight ordinance and will be handled as such. This includes leftover debris and failure to adhere to the following guidelines resulting in brush not being picked up. 


1. Brush must be set out by 7:30 am on the day of pickup. (DPW drives a set route throughout the City.)
2. Brush piles need to be manageable: Piles should be no more than 4 feet wide by 4 feet high.
Piles should be placed in the out lawn (between the sidewalk and the street) in a neat and orderly way, with the cut ends facing the direction of traffic. DPW will not pick up brush piles that are in tangles. 
3. Maximum branch diameter is 6 inches and minimum branch length is 3 feet. This is for the safety of our DPW crew as these branches are fed directly into a chipper. Smaller branches, twigs, sticks, etc. should be bundled together and put out for Waste Management yard waste pickup on Wednesdays.
4. Stumps, root balls, or any other large mass of brush will not be accepted.
5. Brush generated by a hired tree service should be taken care of by the hired tree service.

The new Auburn Farmer's Market Pavilion is now under construction. Moltus Building Group has asked us to remind you that this will be an active construction site. You may observe the progress from a safe distance.

This new pavilion will have a space available for the public to rent. At this time there is no information available on occupancy or pricing, therefore reservations will not be entertained at this time. More information will be posted to this webpage as it becomes available.